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Building a Foundation for Better Business Websites

Some basic building blocks for a new website, or for improving an existing one, are instrumental toward being able to apply a successful, long-term digital strategy. That strategy may include search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (PPC), social media, email campaigns and marketing automation. For many small and medium sized businesses, however, there are basic fundamentals that often get missed.

Let’s take a look at my top 10 key website questions to consider.

  1. Is the website responsive, meaning it conforms to all screen sizes (mobile, tablet and desktop)?
  2. Does the site load quickly into web browsers or take a long time to be viewed?
  3. Are you using a special website toll-free number and contact email so that you track leads unique to the website?
  4. Can visitors easily navigate the site to quickly find your products or services?
  5. Are meta-titles, meta-descriptions and relevant, targeted keywords a part of each page content?
  6. Is there Google Analytics code installed on the site for tracking visits and has there been an XML sitemap submitted to a Google Search Console account?
  7. Are you providing unique, meaningful content that is relevant to your market and customers’ business needs?
  8. Can prospects and customers easily contact you using a web form — and does it provide confirmation that the form has been successfully submitted?
  9. Are you linking to your website from a Business LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn posts, or other social media?
  10. Are there relevant backlinks to your website from industry organizations, partners, press releases or other referral sites?

A long-term digital marketing strategy, SEO work, content planning and other related projects first need to have a solid foundation to work with. The questions listed above are just a starting point toward making sound decisions around your website planning, design and improvement process. Contact Vesteras if you’d like to discuss areas of concern about your website, marketing or business development project.

Guy Hanford
Vesteras LLC

Photo by Kawser Hamid from Pexels