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Vesteras Announces Partnership with Schmidt Business Consultants, LLC

Marketing and Business Development Organization Partners with Financial Consulting Firm

CLEVELAND, OH (January 21, 2021) — Vesteras LLC, a marketing and business development firm located in the Cleveland area, announced today that it has partnered with Schmidt Business Consultants, LLC.

Schmidt Business Consultants (SBC), also located in Northern Ohio, develops and implements infrastructure changes that help entrepreneurial businesses to execute their vision for growth. The company specializes in advisory board services, mergers and acquisitions, planning and execution, capitalization restraints, forecasting and other cost management strategies.

Through this strategic partnership, Vesteras and Schmidt Business Consultants (SBC) bring together each other’s unique skill sets and expertise to jointly assist clients with improving their businesses. Vesteras will focus on marketing and business development improvements, while SBC targets accounting, cash flow and process redesign.

“We take a company’s vision for growth and monetize it, modeling the critical sensitivities that impact the business” said Gerhard Schmidt, SBC founder and chief consultant. He recently served as CFO at a specialty vehicle retailer, where he was responsible for administratively supporting the company’s growth from less than 10 locations to more than 90 in a span of 15 years.

“I’ve known Gerhard for more than a decade and I’ve seen first-hand his passion for helping a company to grow,” said Guy Hanford, President of Vesteras LLC. “This partnership will benefit both of our new endeavors.”

Vesteras recently announced its partnership with Centelon, a global information technology and digital transformation champion. Vesteras is representing their business services in the United States, including secondary market research, data analysis, document processing and other outsourced applications.

“While these two partnerships happened independently, they complement each other in a lot of ways. I can easily see these two partners working together with Vesteras on future projects,” Hanford said.

About Vesteras LLC

Vesteras is an Ohio-based marketing, business development and creative services firm that helps companies to improve their sales funnel process, discover new opportunities and manage external resources. The company utilizes a blend of creative freelance assets, business advisors and strategic partners to achieve specific marketing and sales-oriented goals within a pre-determined budget and timeline. Contact Vesteras about your marketing needs.

About Schmidt Business Consultants, LLC

Schmidt Business Consultants, LLC was founded in 2020 by Gerhard Schmidt, an experienced CFO who has spent nearly 40 years developing strategies for entrepreneurial organizations.  He has a documented history of leadership in navigating companies through dozens of corporate acquisitions while integrating M&A assets, operations and personnel. He received his MBA in Operations Management and Accounting from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University and was a Senior Manager with Ernst & Young for 10 years.

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