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Vindli Wines

Vindli Hard Seltzer is For Sale! is a domain URL that is currently owned by the founder of Vesteras, LLC.

Vindli is a great brand name for a variety of wine and vineyard products, from restaurants and online purchases to mobile apps and wine reviews. Best of all, there is not current USPTO trademark registration, which means your product will be free and clear from any legal battles with any existing product.

Vindli was created from the core words VINE and Friendly. These words provide a wide range or visual and messaging opportunities for any type of business to promote their product.

Product categories perfect for using the brand:

• Wine Tasting Establishments
Wine Purchase Clubs or Sales Storefront
Wine Review Website or Mobile App
New Wine Brand or Vineyard Name
Sparkling Wine or Hard Seltzer Drinks
• Upscale Restaurants and Resort Clubs
Bottled Water Products
• Other Consumer Goods & Stores 

Learn more about how to purchase at

As of January 6, 2023, there is no USPTO registration for VINDLI.