Vesteras LLC Business Partners

Vesteras works with established business partners to provide expertise and resources in different creative, digital and technical areas that we match to our customers specific needs. We manage the details – so that you can concentrate on your business.


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Schmidt Business Consultants, LLC

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Centelon Business Services
Centelon is a trusted partner of large and mid-size businesses in financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and other markets. Below is a summary of the many services available to our clients. Click here to learn more here.

Creative & Presentation Services
Data & Document Management
Secondary Market Research
Mortgage Support Services
Know Your Customer (KYC) Services
LPO – Legal Support Services
Custom Outsourcing Solutions 

Centelon business service details and brochures

Schmidt Business Consultants
Schmidt Business Consultants (SBC) develops and implements infrastructure changes that help entrepreneurial businesses to execute their vision for growth. The company specializes in advisory board services, mergers and acquisitions, planning and execution, capitalization restraints, forecasting and other cost management strategies.

SBC will help you to design, develop and implement the infrastructure required for growth in several crucial areas, including:

• Market Targets and Penetration
• Sales Funnel Conversion
• Product/Service Life Cycle
• Profitability and Costing (product, market, customer)
• Capitalization Constraints
• Cash Conversion Cycle
• Capacity Constraints
• SG&A Cost Structure
• Focused Services for Decisive Matters

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