Schmidt Business Consultants LLC

Schmidt Business Consultants, LLC was founded in 2020 by Gerhard Schmidt, an experienced CFO who has spent nearly 40 years developing strategies for entrepreneurial organizations. He has a documented history of leadership in navigating companies through dozens of corporate acquisitions while integrating M&A assets, operations and personnel. He received his MBA in Operations Management and Accounting from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University and was a Senior Manager with Ernst & Young for 10 years.

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Consulting Services for Focused Entrepreneurs

Schmidt Business Consultants (SBC) develops and implements infrastructure changes that help entrepreneurial businesses to execute their vision for growth. The company specializes in advisory board services, mergers and acquisitions, planning and execution, capitalization restraints, forecasting and other cost management strategies.

Build the Plan... Accelerate on Execution

SBC will help you to design, develop and implement the infrastructure required for growth in several crucial areas, including:

• Market Targets and Penetration
• Sales Funnel Conversion
• Product/Service Life Cycle
• Profitability and Costing (product, market, customer)
• Capitalization Constraints
• Cash Conversion Cycle
• Capacity Constraints
• SG&A Cost Structure

Focused Services for Decisive Matters

For time-sensitive business needs, SBC will help you to make knowledgeable, strategic decisions with:

• Cash Flow Forecasting
• Capitalization Strategy and Recapitalization
• Process Redesign
• Cycle Time Reduction
• Litigation Support
• Workouts and Turnarounds

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