Marker and paper graphic design

Before Desktop Publishing

Remembering the Creative Past  It wasn’t that long ago that graphic artists, designers, illustrators and other art studio professionals didn’t have desktop publishing technology or desktop computers to accompany their creative skills. We had to use markers and drawing pads to show clients our design concepts for ads, logos, brochures, product packaging and other creative

Presentation Graphics

Are Your Presentations Exciting and Memorable – or Dull and Forgettable?

Sales Presentations with Attitude   We’ve all been there. Sitting through a sales pitch with 40 slides of mostly boring text about what a great company or product the vendor is pitching. How long is your attention span? Now let’s reverse roles and imagine it’s your customer or prospect being presented to by one of your

Paid Search Tips: Keyword Close Variants

Changes Coming to Paid Search and How People Find You

Keyword Match Types and Why Broad Match Should Go Away   For Google AdWords and Microsoft Advertising pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers, the use of broad match and broad match modifiers have gradually declined over recent years. That’s a good thing. Broad match typically results in a lot of impressions and clicks, but not necessarily from people who

website foundation

Building a Foundation for Better Business Websites

Some basic building blocks for a new website, or for improving an existing one, are instrumental toward being able to apply a successful, long-term digital strategy. That strategy may include search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (PPC), social media, email campaigns and marketing automation. For many small and medium sized businesses, however, there are basic

Paid Search Negative Keywords

Paid Search Negative Keywords Help to Target Your Audience

One of the most overlooked best practices when setting up a paid search campaign is to add negative keywords. While having the right keyword phrases, match type and locations are the most important things to consider, negative keywords are a fundamental ingredient toward making sure you are only paying for clicks that reach your specific

Call Tracking

Tracking and Monitoring Calls Are Essential to Reporting ROI

When people ask about recommendations for improving their marketing spend, the conversation always pivots to a discussion about how they are currently tracking leads and campaign results. What marketers often see is that many small to midsize companies don’t diligently track web visits, phone calls, email open rates and a variety of other important metrics.